Yesterdays pioneers, todays industry leader

About us

Construction S.R.B scc has been a family company in constant evolution which now exerts its operations in several provinces of Canada, in order to serve faithful customers, for 35 years now.

Innovate for better being useful to you

The mission of the company is to answer in an innovative way to the problems encountered by the engineers or the project managers during the execution of works in the field of the concrete sawing.

The force of Construction S.R.B scc lies in the close cooperation between the company and the engineers in order to find cutting-edge work methods, improving the efficiency of execution on the building sites, while reducing the cost of realization of the projects.

If no equipment exists for the realization of your work, our team of technicians will be able to develop the machinery necessary to meet your technical challenges.

This work method is possible thanks to the experience gained on the large building sites of Quebec, over the 35 last years, in the field of the grinding and specialized sawing of the roads.

The pioneer and today still the leader !

The development of Construction S.R.B scc has always been based on the innovation. Although today, the company offers all the traditional services of concrete sawing and drilling, it is initially by the need to innovate that it saw the day and that it quickly established as a leader in the field. The invention, the development and the marketing of the sawing of the driveway entries to the existing curbs and pavements, were, indisputably, the outstanding points of the birth of the company.

We are also holders of several patents related to the various models of machines which we developed. These machines are now used everywhere in the United States and in Europe.

Since its beginning, several service types connected with concrete sawing and drilling were conceived or improved by our company, with the aim of offering services perfectly adapted to the various markets we serve. The grinding of road constitutes a perfect example of it.

The company is member of the following associations : ACQ, AECQ, IGGA, CSDA

Our team

Manon Bertrand

In order to maintain the innovative aspect of the company, the continuing training of our employees is essential. We maintain a close cooperation with various professional sawing and grinding associations. Thanks to the training offered by them, our team improves continuously.

Manon Bertrand, president at Construction S.R.B scc, was appointed for the presidency of the Association of the Construction of Quebec, in September 2013. The presence of Mrs. Bertrand, within the ACQ, fits perfectly with the mission of the company and to its vision of making evolve the major building work thanks to innovative solutions.