Our projects

Subway of Montreal

Being a priority at Construction S.R.B scc to answer in an innovative way the problems encountered by our customers, our team developed, for this specific project, equipment able to remove the imperfections on the concrete curbs where the subway of Montreal runs. The company is proud to have been able to work in collaboration with the STM on such a project.


Since the company is not afraid to invest in equipment of quality to meet the request of its customers, Construction S.R.B scc is equipped with a saw with electric wall having the capacity to support a blade of 54 inches. This acquisition made it possible to fulfill the requirements of electrical equipment and to carry out the extraction of the swimming pool of the hospital of CHUM while it was still in operation.

407 ETR

Construction S.R.B scc works in close cooperation with 407 ETR, a highway in public-private partnership, Ontario. Over the years our company carried out more than 125.000 m2 of grinding or grooving on this highway in order to improve quality for its users.

Viaduct New Brunswick

In spring 2013, Construction S.R.B scc collaborated with Atlantic Underground Services Ltd., an important contractor located in the seaboard provinces. For this project, our company deployed specialized equipment including three machineries of the type « S-220B » as well as a truck equipped with a « TA-6 » to carry out work of sawing specialized in a viaduct. This contract of great scale comprised a great challenge: the cuts were to be highly precise in order to avoid any contact with the asbestos pipes which rested in the structure of the viaduct. The company is proud to have been able to carry out this work within a short time, while respecting the specific requests of its customer.